Anshuman Sharma

Anshuman Sharma

  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   29
  • Country:   India
  • State:   Uttar Pradesh
  • Height:   150cm/4ft 11inch
  • Chest:   40
  • Bust:   41
  • Waist:   32
  • Hair Color:   Black
  • Skin Color:   Medium
  • Eye Color:   Brown
  • Hair Type:   Short


I am a passionate Actor and a Model.

I always enjoy doing different types of roles which challenge me as an actor to improve my skills.

I believe to always Feel and Live my character so much, that it doesn’t feel like acting on screen.

That’s why I love to post my different acting videos in various characters regularly.

Right now, I am ready to do any kind of role which can help me to grow as an actor each and every day.

I have always been passionate about my Fitness Level which motivate me to build a Great Body.

Due to my Good Athletic Physique, it helps me to feel Happy and Confident about myself.

Now I am prepared to do various types of Modelling Photoshoots, which can help me to showcase my Personality, Style and Looks in a best possible way.